ALUMAX Metal Supplies LLC

Alumax takes pride in being the Middle East’s trusted supplier of HVAC duct systems and accessories. Our commitment to excellence supports everything we do, from the products we offer to the services we provide.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to provide unparalleled durability and reliability through our metal products. We strive to enhance airflow efficiency, reduce energy waste, and elevate industry standards. Alumax is committed to being the backbone of construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure projects, ensuring lasting impact and safety.

Our Vision

At Alumax, we envision a world where precision-engineered metal solutions empower progress. Our vision drives us to be the go-to partner for HVAC duct systems and metal supplies across the Middle East. We see a future where every structure, every project, and every innovation bears the mark of Alumax quality.

Our Values

Precision: We believe in meticulous craftsmanship. Every piece of metal we supply reflects our commitment to precision engineering.

Innovation: Alumax thrives on innovation. We constantly push boundaries, seeking new solutions and staying ahead of industry trends.

Reliability: Our metal supplies endure. When you choose Alumax, you choose unwavering performance and peace of mind.

Service Excellence: From order processing to delivery, we prioritize exceptional service. Your satisfaction is our success.

What You Need to Know

Product Range

Explore our diverse offerings, from galvanized iron ducts (GI ducts) to stainless steel solutions.


Alumax tailors solutions to your unique requirements and HVAC duct system needs in the UAE.

Energy Efficiency

At Alumax, our HVAC duct systems enhance energy efficiency, reducing operational costs.

Industry Compliance

We follow international standards to ensure that all of our services are safe and compliant.

Choose Alumax—a name synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation—for all your metal supply needs.